Industrial Wireless Network

P2's industrial grade products provides robust and stable network for extensive sites such as container ports

Stable and robust network

Self-recovery mesh architecture limits downtime. The mesh link quickly auto-reroutes when its link quality drops below the optimal level, ensuring a resilient network.

Designed for industrial use, withstanding harsh weather and environmental conditions

Industrial grade materials, IP67 rated, tested for salt-spray, vibration, extreme thermal conditions, moisture,shock and dust.

Flexibility of creating network across extensive site, either permanently or temporarily

Rapid deployment of the gigabit multi-relay network.

Significant reduction in costs due to wireless infrastructure.

Success Story

Hong Kong Police Force, Disaster Victim Identification Unit

  • Portable dual-band access mesh network, improving efficiency in emergency disastrous victim identification
  • Instant plug-n-[lay set-up at ad-hoc site
  • Scalable architecture adapts to unique scenarios of disaster sites

Ocean Park, an aquarium and amusement park

  • Wireless mesh access network built for instant transmission of visitor photographs to various shop locations at the outdoor plaza of the amusement park
  • Instant set-up and cable-less architecture minimizes disruption to visitor's experience and revenue loss associated with disruption to visitors
  • Future-proof network infrastructure due to ability to adapt to relocation of photo station and access point in response to the park's changing needs
Market Case Highlight

Hong Kong Police Disaster Victim Identification Unit