The Next Generation Wireless MESH OS, AnywhereOS, from P2 Wireless is released

The new AnywhereOS, aOS, firmware for X30 series hardware was officially launched on Nov 9, 2018. This new firmware will allow our customers to build highly-scalable MESH networks that can be extended to provide city-wide network coverage yet maintaining high performance and high manageability. 

Up to 64 wireless nodes can be fully meshed to form a Cluster and multiple Clusters, up to 300, can be interconnected to provide large-scale city-wide coverage. This scale of MESH network is ideal for Smart City applications like IoT, video surveillance and other bandwidth demanding applications.

Launched together with aOS is the configuration and management software aNM, Anywhere Node Manager, which provides user-friendly web-based UI to do configuration of wireless nodes and links according to application needs. Advanced features such as Class-of-Service, Smart Flow-Base Data Routing, End-to-End Data Encryption, and Dynamic Data Path Selection are unique features wanted by customers, now available from P2 Wireless.

Want to know more about aOS and be the first one to test drive it? Contact your P2 regional salesperson or email us at [email protected] now!

ICT Expo 2015

April 16, 2015

P2 Sponsors the Free Wi-Fi Service at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park Pavilion of the ICT Expo 2015

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